Repair Centre

Counter Service – Quick fix 

Somethings we can fix in minutes, We will fix these at the counter to save both you and us time.

A minimum fee of  £15 will apply.


Laptop Repairs – Hardware 

We can fix most laptop faults, such as screen, socket, graphics chip, Inverter, Dead Drives.

Our standard labour charge is £65.00  – If a part is required we will quote you first.

If we are unable to fix the fault  and have had to strip down your laptop or you no longer require the laptop repaired we charge £15.00 to cover the cost of our time.


Computer Repairs (PC) – Hardware

We are able to repair all PC related faults due to the nature of there interchangeable components.

We also clean all cooling systems to make sure the lifespan of your equipment is increased.

Our labour charge is £45.00


Computer Repairs / Servicing – Software

We can fix most software issues such as boot issues, login issues, viruses, trojans, internet / networking, application software.

Our team of software developers and Microsoft Certified Professionals should be able to solve any issues you have.

We have our own custom made software for the removal of viruses.

Our standard labour fee is £45.00


Computer / Laptop Repairs (Apple)  – Hardware and Software

We are able to fix most apple hardware faults and many software faults. Please ask for more details.


Console Repairs

We can fix some issues not all – We can offer a re-balling service but the warranty is limited to just 90 days.

Please ask for more deitails.


Printer Repairs and Servicing

In most cases a printer repair would be uneconomical.  We will of course repair / service any printer.

Our standard labour fee is £35.00


Component repairs

From time to time we have been asked to repair other electronic items (not computer related).

We would be happy to take a look any item and price accordingly.


Data Recovery

Probably the most important service we offer.

We can restore data from most scenarios such as: Dead Hard Drive, Dead Memory Stick, Faulty Camera Cards, Formatted / Deleted Media, Raided Drives.

Our labour fee is time dependant but not as costly as you would think.


Technical Support

We offer a support phone line 0871 789 1300 – Calls cost 10ppm from a landline other networks may vary.